Alumnus Of Samawa University To Be Resource Person In Workshop Of LPDP Scholarship

Heri Kurniawansyah HS was alumnus of Social and government science Samawa University (UNSA) who was succesfull to get the LPDP Scholarship (Awardee) for master of Public Policy that right now have been doing to study English language in UPI Bandung. Heri (his nick name) was choosen for being a resource person in workshop of LPDP Scholarship in UIN Bandung West Java. The activity was done on Thursday, 26 November 2016 in Auditorium of UIN Bandung. A number of participant in the activity was 150 student, public and alumnus of UIN Bandung. The activity carried out so crowded and professional. As awardee who passed time of the examination, exactly Heri much know about how did he get the scholarship, so that he was very suitable choosen for giving how method for getting it. To be a recource person in workshop of LPDP scholarship above all LPDP was the best scholarship right now, certain this was case that boast. The next moment, he have a planning to talk about LPDP Scholarship in Samawa University as the ex of his university. Perhaps he will to be a resource person in the next moment for giving that methods about LPDP Scholarship. He hope the next day there are many young generation that will get the LPDP Scholarship like him.



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